About Us

We at Design Halt, strive to create Experience-Driven Spaces with specialised enhancements aimed at inculcating overall wellness, cultivating happiness, community-building.  We help you build your dream space with that subtle degree of difference which speaks about you !


Design Philosophy 


We believe in Empathy & Focus to be our guiding principle.


The idea of understanding a consumer’s needs before they actually need what we can make for them. 


Empathising with a consumer on what do they need, why do they need & focussing on how 

we can enhance their lives or businesses by transforming their space. 

 “Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.”  – Charles Eames


Residential | Institutional | Hospitality | Landscape


Interior Design

Residential | Hospitality | Commercial

Workplace | Healthcare

Promoting the Handicraft Industry

Understanding our social responsibility - We promote traditional Handicrafts from various parts of India by incorporating the arts & forms into our design. 

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